Getting Hurt

This is a game about a bunch of kids having an adventure together. The story might get dark, it might get scary, but no children (make-believe or actual) should be harmed in the playing of this game. Instead of taking damage, when a character suffers what would be a dangerous mishap (falling off the roof, getting hit by an animated suit of armor), some of his Loot is destroyed or irretrievably lost in the process. That’s a right tragedy, there.

Sharing is Caring
If one character is reduced to 0 Loot and another character has more than 3 Loot, he may give 1 Loot to his downtrodden friend. The donor is rewarded for being such a good person by gaining 1 XP immediately. Only one such donation can be made when a character is reduced to 0 Loot, but this rule can be used any time any character is reduced to 0 Loot. If multiple characters want to donate, simply roll off for the privilege.

Battle Damage
If a character loses all his Loot, he starts taking Battle Damage instead – his awesome Halloween costume gets scuffed and ripped and stained! Mom is going to be SO mad. Battle Damage is not immediately harmful, but wily opponents can exploit these weaknesses. Any time a character with Battle Damage is initiating or defending against an action involving an environmental hazard or denizen of the Mansion, the hazard or denizen’s roll receives a bonus equal to the Battle Damage. It’s best not to take Battle Damage!

Occasionally while exploring the Mystery Mansion, the characters might come across items or events that remove points of Battle Damage. This is the only way to remove Battle Damage, and it will most likely be rare.

Getting Hurt

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